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Contact us at (401) 456-8698 or Email Recruiter for more information.

Volunteer Benefits

Downloable Application
Please download this application, after completing it send it via mail or fax to Jenifer Giroux at the address below. For more information contact the RIC Outreach Office.

Thank you for considering a volunteer position with the RIC Outreach Programs.


female student volunteer

vol-un-teer (verb) def. Win-Win!

When you volunteer your time you give a gift that is priceless. Outreach Programs has many volunteer positions available for RIC students.

Minimum Time Investment Requested:

Beginner Level Student
2 times per week @ 2 hrs

Intermediate Level Student
2 times per week @ 2 hrs

Advanced Level Student
2 times per week @ 2 hrs

Please fill out the attached application. A representative from RIC Outreach Programs will contact you to match your skills and desires with the Program’s current availability.

Areas of Service Available


Minimum Time Investment Requested:
2 hrs/week


  • Tutor English language learners in reading, writing, pronunciation and conversation.
  • Assist instructors where applicable.