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What Outcomes Can Employers Expect?

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About the Green Practices Program's Creator:

Glenn Bachman, CMC, AICP, is president of Raven Business Group, LLC, a management consulting firm in Massachusetts. He is the author of "The Green Business Guide."


Green Business Practices:

A Program to Help Employers Make a Difference,
While Saving Money and Resources.

Why Provide Green Business Practices
Training to Your Employees?
  • Green organizations reduce their operating costs, attract and retain talent, sustain high morale and build an innovation culture.
  • Consumers believe that organizations have as much responsibility for correcting ecological problems as individuals, households, and government agencies.
  • Staff are in a special position to implement ecologically friendly changes in the organization.
  • Green organizations achieve a competitive advantage in an increasingly concerned and demanding marketplace.

Offered in partnership with The Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living

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